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Distributed systems CompactDAQ, CompactRIO

 CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems are built for the harsh environments of distributed and remote metering. They consist of a module chassis, an integrated or external controller, and removable I / O modules. Systems are programmed graphically in LabVIEW.

 CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems are offered in various modifications, differing in size, performance, and connections. They are equipped with a wide range of additional measuring and network equipment and allow you to build flexible distributed and autonomous measuring systems.

 FieldDAQ and Remote I / O platforms further simplify the creation of heterogeneous multichannel systems with special requirements for operating conditions, channel costs, etc.


Time Sensitive Networking - TSN

  Time Sensitive Networking is an evolution of the Ethernet standard, which includes special features for time synchronization, prioritization and scheduling of traffic, and system settings. TSN does not require additional connections and greatly simplifies the design of distributed systems that require deterministic and coordinated work of critical nodes simultaneously with the transfer of large volumes of traffic.

  For tasks of multichannel data acquisition and control systems, Time Sensitive Networking is supported in CompactDAQ and CompactRIO controllers, FieldDAQ devices, industrial controllers, as well as in special network infrastructure devices.


C Series Modules for CompactDAQ and CompactRIO Systems

  CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems use the same specialized modules intended for direct connection of signals from sensors, actuators, and digital communication lines.

 Additional devices are available in the C-series module format, including data storage, radio modems, synchronization modules for GPS and Ethernet signals, etc.

  The MDK kit allows third-party developers to create their own unique C series modules, both for their own needs and for commercial development.


C Series Modules Capabilities


CompactDAQ - development of PC-based data acquisition systems

  CompactDAQ modular systems inherit the simplicity of USB and PCI DAQ devices and are programmed using the same DAQmx APIs and LabVIEW palettes.

  The CompactDAQ controller / chassis includes a stand-alone computer running a real-time OS, or communicates with an external host computer via USB, Ethernet, or WiFi. The controller / chassis also provides synchronization in multichannel and distributed systems.

  C Series plug-in modules with built-in signal conditioning are installed in the chassis and connect analog and digital signals directly to the CompactDAQ system.


Controllers for various tasks

   CompactDAQ is effectively used for tasks of all sizes: from small portable systems to large stands with hundreds of channels and intensive signal processing.

   CompactDAQ controllers / chassis accept 1 to 14 modules. They are connected to the host computer via USB for the easiest organization of measurements from a PC, via Ethernet for wide range of distributed systems, or via WiFi for wireless access.

  Standalone CompactDAQ controllers are designed to operate without an external PC running an embedded hard real-time OS.


Selected CompactDAQ Controller / Chassis Models

1Listed are selected models from those available; for a complete list, refer to the catalog on the website.


FieldDAQ - Distributed Heavy Duty Measurement

  Rugged FieldDAQ modules are designed for data collection in harsh environments in close proximity to sensors. They are IP67 protected, withstand shock loads up to 100 g and vibrations up to 10 grms, and provide accurate measurements in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to +85 ºC.

  Communication up to 1 Gbps and synchronization up to 1 μs of FieldDAQ systems relies on Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). The systems are daisy-chained, are supported in NI-DAQmx, LabVIEW, and FlexLogger, and can be extended to CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems.

    FieldDAQ modules provide simultaneous sampling at up to 102.4 kS / s / channel and 24-bit resolution, and direct sensor connection for thermocouple measurements, strain gauges, accelerometers / microphones, universal analog input up to 60 V.



CompactRIO - Chassis with FPGA and Real-Time Controller

 CompactRIO systems solve measurement and control tasks that require instantaneous measurement response and dedicated built-in signal processing. In CompactRIO, the C-series modules are connected directly to an open for programming FPGA in the chassis, and through it to a powerful controller running the NI Linux Real-Time operating system.

   CompactRIO systems are graphically programmed using LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, and NI-DAQmx.


Selected CompactRIO Controller Models

1Listed are selected models from dozens of available ones; for a complete list, refer to the catalog on the website.


Distributed measurements with CompactRIO

 Distributed measurement systems with CompactRIO rely on local processing in controllers, time stamp synchronization using TSN and GPS, and dedicated system software for distributed systems.

  This enables rapid deployment of systems for long distance and accurate timing applications such as monitoring pipelines, tracks and tunnels or intelligently collecting data from hundreds of remote stations.


Remote I / O - extension for simple measurements

   For automation tasks, modular Remote I / O systems installed in automation cabinets and connected to the Real-Time CompactRIO controller via EtherCAT provide multi-channel expansion with high channel densities and typical requirements, while C Series modules provide high-speed, high-precision and special measurements.

  In the Remote I / O format, analog input and output modules for current and voltage, and digital I / O modules are available.

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