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High-precision oscilloscopes and signal generators

  Modular oscilloscopes, digitizers, and PXI Express signal generators easily form ultra-multichannel oscilloscopes, signal generation systems and test systems based on them.

  NI oscilloscopes and oscillators offer 2 to 8 channels per module, sampling rates up to 12.5 GS / s and resolution from 8 to 24 bits.

  Thanks to such software and hardware technologies as NI-STC3 and NI-TClock, modules are flawlessly synchronized with each other even in different chassis, which allows you to create devices with an almost unlimited number of channels.

  PXI Express modules, chassis and controllers support high streaming bandwidths and allow you to build complex multichannel recording and storage systems, test benches, system simulators, and more.


Featured Oscilloscope Models

1Listed are selected models from dozens of available ones; for a complete list, refer to the catalog on the website.

2When 18-slot PXIe-1085 chassis is full, including clock module to synchronize multiple chassis.

3Built-in FPGA for signal processing and control. For models with integrated FPGA, see also FlexRIO digitizer models.


FPGA based FlexRIO recorders

  The FlexRIO line of modules is designed to meet the unique challenges of collecting and generating signals using proprietary algorithms. Thus, FlexRIOs are indispensable in high-speed closed-loop control systems and other non-standard systems that are usually decided by creating custom electronics.

   FlexRIO leverages the benefits of graphical FPGA programming in LabVIEW and the flexibility of the PXI platform to accelerate the creation of complex systems.

 FlexRIO modules with integrated I / O leverage the latest ADC / DAC capabilities, Kintex Ultrascale FPGA processing with minimal latency, PCI Express bus up to 8 GB / s, and all PXI Express timing capabilities.


Selected FlexRIO Models with Integrated I / O

1Listed are selected models from dozens of available ones; for a complete list, refer to the catalog on the website.

2The values ​​given are maximum values, they may differ in different modes of operation of the device.


Modular I / O with FlexRIO

 The traditional FlexRIO architecture uses I / O modules that connect to PXI FPGA-based processor modules. This structure allows the use of dozens of different multichannel analog and digital I / O modules.

      NI and other manufacturers offer a wide variety of adapter modules.

   The FlexRIO MDK allows NI partners and customers to create their own custom adapter modules for unique and niche applications.


FPGA-based FlexRIO coprocessors

  With the bandwidth and timing capabilities of the PXI Express bus, any fast NI PXI Express I / O modules can take advantage of FPGA processing in FlexRIO by communicating over the PXI Express bus.


  Special FPGA coprocessor modules without their own input-output lines are used in tasks requiring data processing from dozens of high-speed channels, for example, in Massive MIMO systems and a microwave Supercomputer for software and hardware simulation of radio systems.

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