SDR low cost

Ettus USRP Series B200, B200mini

  The USRP B-Series (Bus Series) features cost- and weight-optimized 1- and 2-channel transceivers based on Analog Devices integrated radio chips, Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAs and USB 3.0 bus for connection to an external computer.

    The B200mini series is a miniature version of the B200 - in the size of a business card.


  Affordable, compact and lightweight, the B-Series is widely used in experiments and is easily portable to mobile systems.

   All USRP models support the USRP Hardware Driver ™ (UHD), a cross-platform open source driver for Windows, Linux and MacOS, with a common API for GNU Radio, C ++ and Python. This makes it easy to transfer projects between USRP models of other series, scale solutions, integrate them into complex complexes.


Example of NI SDR equipment in different formats: USRP, ATCA, PXI, FlexRIO, mmWave TS

  The NI platform is built on a unique integration of SDR architecture, measurement technology, and rapid development software.


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