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USB and PCI Devices for PC

   USB and PCI / PCI Express data acquisition devices ("boards") are universally connected to control computers and are traditionally considered an inexpensive solution for automating experiments and small test bench installations - with a small number of channels.

   In USB and PCI formats, both multifunctional data acquisition boards and specialized devices for collecting and processing physical signals and control systems are produced.


PXI Express Systems

   NI uses the PCI Extension for Instrumentation (PXI) format for multichannel data acquisition tasks.

   PXI Express uses special chipsets based on the PCI Express bus and special technologies for precision clocking and synchronization, which allows you to create local and distributed systems with hundreds and thousands of channels.

   PXI Express is available in general purpose I / O (DAQ) cards,

dedicated multichannel digitizers and oscilloscopes,

signal generators , power supplies, multimeters, RF instruments, and other high-end automated test and measurement instruments.


PXI Accessibility

   Various instruments for measurement, control and test systems are available in PXI format. Everything necessary for high-quality measurements and creation of complex systems is implemented at the highest level in the chassis, modules and software.


Built-in picosecond synchronization capabilities, including distributed systems, using GPS, IRIG-B, etc.

Built-in FPGA signal processing

High-speed data transfer between modules in Peer-to-peer mode.


R-series devices with FPGA


   In the R-series data acquisition devices, the I / O lines are connected directly to the powerful FPGA open for programming to implement their own digital signal processing as close to the I / O as possible. Such devices are indispensable for tasks requiring fast and deterministic response, such as HIL simulation and control of unique mechanisms.

   National Instruments offers various families of FPGA-based instrumentation such as R-Series, FlexRIO, CompactRIO. FPGA devices are programmed graphically using LabVIEW FPGA.


Multichannel PXI Sensor Signal Acquisition

 PXI modules with built-in signal conditioning are designed for direct connection of strain gauges, thermocouples, RTDs, accelerometers and other sensors of physical quantities.

   Each module accepts up to 32 channels with simultaneous digitization, and the NI-DAQmx driver and application software such as FlexLogger make managing even large and complex data acquisition systems as easy as possible.

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