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 The PXIe-S5090 vector network analyzer provides two ports that allow you to choose between pass / reflect test patterns or full S-parameters. The PXI vector network analyzer supports automatic accuracy calibration, full vector analysis and reference plane extensions, making it an excellent solution for vector network analysis in validation and manufacturing at a low cost and size that sets it apart from a traditional instrument. These modules are conveniently integrated into test systems for highly accurate, fast RF measurements.



▪Operating frequency range from 300 kHz to 9 GHz

▪Dynamic range> 120 dB

▪Generator power step 0.05 dB

▪Number of points up to 500001 Frequency

▪resolution 1 Hz

▪Power range from -45 dBm to +15 dBm


Time Domain Analysis

  National Instruments Vector Network Analyzers allow you to analyze the transmission / attenuation of various types of radio paths (coaxial cable or waveguide) along its entire length using the temporal analysis function. This allows you to highlight the "problem" areas for further in-depth analysis and identification of the causes of the malfunction.


Calibration kits for VNA

  Vector analyzers are completed with kits for manual or automatic calibration.

  The manual calibration kit contains calibrated RF connectors, loads, short circuits. The Automatic Calibration Kit contains a special calibration device that allows automatic calibration in one connection, making all the switches inside.



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